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Stay Informed About Stroke Prevention


As we mentioned in the text what the causes are, we will now mention some of the prevention of stroke.


LESS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITYSit at home and do nothing, can do nothing to you except for the possibility of a stroke. Physical activity, apart from avoiding stroke, can also prevent other risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight. It also reduces blood cholesterol, improves blood circulation.

  1. FOOD

How we feed is one of the main prevention. By introducing vitamins and minerals, we regulate the work of our organism. Nutrition can be prevention not only for stroke but for other diseases that can be a risk.


Or hypertension is the most important risk factor in the present day, and its treatment is very effective. Unfortunately, the only way to treat hypertension is medication, because it is impossible to avoid the stress that is around us all around. We hope that medicine will sufficiently develop in the future so that it does not remain that only medications solve the problem of hypertension.


There is no clear evidence that reducing weight may reduce the risk of stroke. It remains only to determine exactly how obesity can be at risk.


One cigarette per day may be a risk of stroke. Unfortunately, it is not enough to quit smoking because passive smoking is a risk but much less. So the smokers are advised to leave the cigars.


In some studies, it has been shown that alcohol positively affects the reduced risk, but of course in moderate amounts. It is well known that the wine is very good for circulation. Excessive measures can be listed in our body. If you are suffering from alcohol addiction you should seek immediate treatment from an alcohol rehab center such as The Recovery Village in Florida.


Health workers need to take part in talking to patients about some risk factors. It is also necessary to improve all knowledge previously acquired. Why do doctors have so much influence? It’s because of the psyche of a man who is easier to say to take pills, changing his lifestyle. Doctors recommend the use of medications that prevent blood clotting in the body.

A stroke is such a disease that you do not know when it can follow. Although we feel healthy and we think that there is no problem, it’s not a waste to regularly go for examinations. Unfortunately, no matter how much care is taken by men to avoid stressful situations, it is not possible today. It is therefore not bad to rest more often in nature, reading a book or spending time with your family.