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Therapy To Recover From a Stroke


The effects of stroke are very complicated. It comes to the killed brain cells that use us for movement, speech, balance. It is therefore very important that a person after a stroke attempts to recover and have strength. Depending on the severity of the stroke, depends on the duration of the recovery therapy. In some cases, it is possible to learn to speak and walk again while in some motor skills only. Also, it depends on the same person. Some people need fewer insults to some more. During your recovery, there is a possibility that the therapy will change depending on how you have overcome the tasks so far. An interesting fact is that if you continue to practice after therapy, you expect even better results after a while. Psychiatrists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and many others help you in the treatment.


There are my approaches to rehabilitation after a stroke. Depending on the region where the stroke has occurred, your treatment depends on how long it will last.


Exercise motor exercises that contribute to the restoration of old body coordination and strengthening of the mucus. Mobility training contributes to the learning of the use of aids, such as crutches or wheelchairs, as well as wrist boots. The wrist strap helps to avoid injuries as we walk and to keep our gut our weight. Therapy caused by the restriction is used after the walk is overcome. The legs are fixed and focus on the movement of the limbs. The therapeutic range of exercise are exercises that help our muscles to have the flexibility that they had before the stroke.


Functional electrical stimulation is the stimulation applied to muscles that are weakened and helps them regenerate. The robotic technology uses robots as aids to overcome movement and muscle building. Wireless technology using a monitor can increase activity after stroke. Virtual reality or these video games mean interaction in a real-time but simulated environment.


TECHNOLOGICAL ACTIVITIESCognitive impairment therapy is a therapy that allows memory recovery and troubleshooting which is lost on impact. Therapy for communication disorders restores the ability to speak, write and understand. Psychological evaluation and treatment are often used as a test and will be supported by their loved ones. Drugs are an integral part of every treatment.


Non-invasive brain stimulation is a magnetic stimulation that contributes to the development of motor skills. Biological therapies are stem cell transplantation therapies. Alternative medicine includes massages, vegetable oils, acupuncture, and oxygen therapy.